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Environmental Policy

Structure and responsibility concerning the development of our Environmental Policy

The Board has designated the Financial Director /Company Secretary responsible for environmental issues, with the task of providing for the implementation of the requirements of an environmental management system, and to report to the Board for the purposes of setting the bases for improvements of the existing the environmental management program.

Financial Director/ Company Secretary of the company: Defines general orientations for the environmental management system including the relationship with the main State Sponsored Bodies for Environmental Control in our area i.e. Repak, WEEE, and the Fingal County Council

The Operations Director will be responsible for Monitoring of the overall operation of the environment and safety management systems. Providing for the implementation and maintenance of standards; Reporting on the system performance;

Social Responsibility Policy

Socially Responsible Company
Responsible business is underpinned by strong values and has a clear and compelling vision of where it is going. Over many years Mc Loughlins have earned success on the strength of its distinctive values and clear vision. This update sets out the steps we are taking to ensure that in our present and future business, as in the past, we continue to live our values.

Development & Training
Capabilities For us, capabilities are the skills, knowledge, behaviours and experience a person needs to perform his or her role to our required level of excellence.

At McLoughlinsRS, we have developed a comprehensive approach to developing our people and ensuring we have the right people and skills to meet our current and future business needs. We identify and describe in detail the capabilities we need in our jobs, and we assess our people's current skills and provide opportunities for development. We offer on-the-job assignments, executive education and coaching.

Learning and development
At McLoughlinsRS, learning and development is about providing opportunities for our people to enhance their capabilities and to realise their full potential. ethical trading - our commitment to human rights Respecting human rights and trading ethically are fundamental to the way we work. This isn't just within our owned and operated businesses, but also with the communities and businesses we interact with.

Cultural and legal best practice
We have also taken into account cultural and legal best practice from our local markets. We also review all our suppliers standing in relation to their commitment to human rights.