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Cargo Ship

Our area of operations include The Far East, India, Middle East and Europe and with a constant flow of goods we are in a position to quote customers for bulk deliveries from within these locations. We will shortly expand our Chinese Office to include sourcing from Vietnam.

The future is about managing stock flows to ensure availability at the peak selling opportunity and we are gearing up to meet that challenge. We have a reputation at home for our 24 hour delivery service and we intend to exploit every opportunity to speed up the flow of goods from the outlying locations and provide an excellent service in this area.


  • Designed modern warehouse creates efficiencies.
  • Seasonal stock and order flows planned and monitored.
  • Trained staff throughout means peak labour available to match peak demands.
  • Computer driven, through goods inwards, put-away, replenishment of pick-face and fast accurate picking to routed dispatch.
  • High order fulfilment rates benefits the business.
  • Next day deliveries ensures faster efficient service.