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Category Management


Project Goals

Together with the retailers’ management team, identify opportunities to increase sales and profit contribution by utilizing category management technology.
This way dramatically increase sales in a specific market segment in a mutually beneficial way.

Category Management Drivers

  • Understand the market.
    • Market trends.
    • Market segmentation.
  • Understand the consumers needs.
    • Purchasing criteria.
    • Purchasing behaviour.
  • Understand the business drivers.
    • Positioning.
    • Display.
    • Range.
    • Promotions.
    • Pricing.

Category Selling in the Independent Sector

  • Promotion papers designed to support sales by distribution in the catchment areas of stockists.
  • New products launched annually.
  • Seasonal Promotions for Spring Cleaning and Gardening.
  • Opportunities Independent Hardware, Garden Centres, Hire Stores